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- 持守使徒所遗传下来的信仰
- 顺从基督施行圣礼
- 用上帝公义的能力惩戒犯罪的人
- 彼此相爱
- 勇敢作见证
- 多结果子

“那些很多基督徒的教会,你把他抓几个来问教义的问题,都不懂;而那些教义很好的教会他们都不传福音。” — 唐崇荣

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Reformed Experiential Preaching

Reformed Experiential Preaching 
by Joel Beeke


9 Points:

  1. Tests genuine experience by the standard of biblical truth idealistically, realistically, optimistically.
  2. Draws lines distinguishing between believers and unbelievers.
  3. Makes frequent and wise application of truth to life.
  4. Balances biblical, doctrinal, experiential and practical elements.
  5. Cultivate a life of communion with our God and Savior.
  6. Builds experience upon the foundation of Holy Scripture, God’s Word.
  7. Goes beyond contemporary superficiality into the deep wisdom of old paths.
  8. Offers food to satisfy the new spiritual sense of the believers’ souls.
  9. Touches the heart with a bitterness of sin and the sweetness of grace.
Reformed Experiential Preaching applies the truth of God to the hearts of people to show how things ought to go, and do go, and ultimately will go in the Christian experience, with respect to God, and his neighbors (i.e. family, church, world around him).
Reformed experiential preacher receives God’s Word into his heart and then preaches it to the minds, the hearts and the lives of his hearers.
Note 1: Head-knowledge of God is not useless but necessary. We need to know the truth.
Note 2: We don’t change people by our experiences as preachers. Holy Spirit alone changes people.
Every revival throughout church history begins in the hearts of preachers, who were set aflame with the truth of God’s Word and preached it with passion and conviction; then the Holy Spirit who prepared that minister’s heart, use that minister, then other ministers, and then other ministers got impacted, and use those ministers to bring from heart to heart to the people, and brought waves of revival.
The act of preaching is a living bond (connection) between preacher and hearers. The bond that you cannot leave your church is that there are hungry people who want to be fed and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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“Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin, and desire nothing but God, and I care not a straw whether they be clergymen or laymen; such alone will shake the gates of hell and set up the kingdom of heaven on Earth.” – John Wesley



奥古斯丁 Augustine:“如果我说的不合圣经,请离开我,回到圣经去。”

司布真曾说:”与其教导十个人要如何传道,我宁愿教导一个人要如何祷告。I would rather teach one man to pray than ten men to preach.”

选摘自:吕沛渊《传到地极 – 记念赵中辉牧师:献我一生》
人生只有两大问题:「主啊,你是谁?」与「主啊, 你要我做什么?」这是保罗在往大马色的路上,蒙主光照后所问的两个问题。简言之,就是「生命」(谁是我生命的主宰)与「使命」(什么是主差遣我去做的)。有「生命」而无「使命」,则是浪费生命;有「使命」而不遵 行,则是抗命。 ​