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唐崇榮 – 講道

– 唐崇荣牧师于主后2018年3月印尼棉兰


1. 敬畏的心
2. 谨慎的思想
3. 负责任的言语
4. 正确的词句



1) 音的后面有声,
2) 声的后面有语,
3) 语的后面有言,
4) 言的后面有理,
5) 理的后面有道,
6) 道的后面是上帝永远的旨意。

圣经 Bible –> 字句 Letter –> 精意 Spirit –> 基督 Christ = 道 Logos

道 Logos –> 理 Logic –> 言语 Language –> 声音 Sound



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There my God bore all my guilt

Joseph Hart:

Many woes had Christ endured,
Many sore temptations met,
Patient, and to pains inured:
But the sorest trial yet
Was to be sustain’d in thee,
Gloomy, sad Gethsemane !

Came at length the dreadful night:
Vengeance, with its iron rod,
Stood, and with collected might
Bruised the harmless Lamb of God:
See, my soul, thy Saviour see
Prostrate in Gethsemane !

There my God bore all my guilt:
This, through grace, can be believed;
But the horrors which he felt
Are too vast to be conceived:
None can penetrate through thee,
Doleful, dark Gethsemane !

Sins against a holy God,
Sins against his righteous laws,
Sins against his love, his blood,
Sins against his name and cause,—
Sins immense as is the seal
Hide me, O Gethsemane !

Here’s my claim, and here alone;
None a Saviour more can need :
Deeds of righteousness I’ve none;
No,-not one good work to plead:
Not a glimpse of hope for me,
Only in Gethsemane.

Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
One almighty God of love,
Hymn’d by all the heavenly host
In thy shining courts above,
We adore thee, gracious Three,—
Bless thee for Gethsemane.

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尼希米记 Nehemiah 8:8

They read from the book, from the Law of God, clearly, and they gave the sense, so that the people understood the reading.


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Latin abbreviations

i.e. means that is id est
e.g. means for example exempli gratia
cf. means compare confer
et al. means and others et alia or et alii
viz. means namely or
that is to say
q.v. means which to see quod vide
ibid. means in the same place ibidem